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We  are Chalfant and Tompkins Title Agency , Inc. We are in heart of the  Lake of the Ozarks area located in Camdenton, Missouri, Established in  1887, we are one of the oldest family and locally owned businesses still existing in Camden  County, Missouri, We  offer title services, including title searches, title insurance and  real estate closings for land in Camden County. In addition, we provide  referrals for any legal services you might need.

We  are active members of the Missouri Land Title Association, American  Land Title Association and MAPTA and our underwriters  include Old Republic National Title Insurance Company and Agents  National Title Insurance Company. We strive to do accurate work in a timely,professional and efficient manner.  “Please  contact us about the American Land Title Association’s Best Practices  and TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure “TRID” which became effective  October 3, 2015”


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Our History

       CHALFANT and TOMPKINS TITLE AGENCY, INC. Chalfant and Tompkins Title Agency, Inc., is one of the oldest businesses in Camden County, as well as one of the oldest remaining in the same family.  The Company, originally known as “H.W. Chalfant Abstracts”, was established in the year 1887 by Henry W. Chalfant.  Mr. Chalfant held many county offices and later served as Representative to the Missouri General Assembly.  During this time, Mr. Chalfant leased his records to Henry W. Laswell from January 1, 1891 until January 1, 1902.  On January 29, 1902, the Camden County Court House at Linn Creek was destroyed by fire, destroying all the county records.  While some land records were re-recorded in the Court House after the fire, H. W. Chalfant Abstracts had most of the land title records prior to the Court House fire.  In the year 1909, Chalfant’s second eldest daughter, Maria (who later married William May Tompkins) began working in the business and she, along with her husband until his death in 1932, owned and operated the title company in old Linn Creek and Camdenton until her retirement in 1961.  During the period 1929 to 1932, when the Lake of the Ozarks was being formed, the land records were leased to Kansas City Title and Trust Company of Kansas   City, Missouri.  Roland G. R. Rexroth worked as the General Manager during this time, as well as Mrs. Tompkins and Mildred (Jeffries) Williams.  Mrs. Williams continued to work for the company as a typist for over 50 years until her retirement.  The business was one of the last businesses to leave old Linn Creek until it was determined whether the new county seat would be established in Camdenton or in the new town of Linn Creek.  Before the current office was built, the company was located in a residence at the corner of (now) Illinois and Niangua Streets in Camdenton.  The permanent office was built in 1931 across from the street from the Camden County Court House, where it stands today.  This office also housed local land surveying offices for many years.  Maria Sue (Tompkins) Peterson, the only child of  William and Maria (Chalfant) Tompkins began working with the office in the year 1957.  She became manager of the office in 1961, after her mother’s retirement; and owner of the office in October of 1965 after Mrs. Tompkins’ death.  Larry Peterson, one of the two sons of Maria Sue Peterson, began working full time in the office with his mother in the year 1973.  His wife, Lisa, began working with the office in the year 1984; and they began writing title insurance and incorporated in the year 1985.  They became owners of the title company after Mrs. Peterson’s retirement in 1989.     Because of the growth in the County, an addition was built on the existing office in 1999.  Aside from the owners, the company currently employs 4 employees and are agents for 2 title insurance companies.  

Do You Really Need Title Insurance?

     Without it, you could lose your most valuable asset—your home!       If you have recently purchased or refinanced a home, chances are you have had to get title insurance. What exactly does title insurance cover, and who does it protect—the homeowner or the lender? Do you need title insurance on a refinance if you bought title insurance when you purchased your home? Here are answers to those important questions, as well as helpful advice on title insurance, and whether or not you need it .       Basically, title insurance protects you against problems affecting the title to your home. There are two types of title insurance—a Loan Policy, and an Owner’s Policy. A Loan Policy protects the lender for the amount of the loan, while the owner’s Policy protects you, the homeowner, for your investment in the property—your equity. In both cases, the title process  covers an exhaustive search of public records to make certain the title  to the subject property is clear, and covers against future loss if a  claim against the property is made.       While discovering an issue with your  title can seem rather remote, on out of every four title searches  reveals a problem with the title. Examples include  tax liens, forged signatures in the chain of title, recording errors,  title search errors, undisclosed easements and title claims by missing  heirs and/or ex-spouses. These problems would be uncovered in a title search before you even close on your home.        Even after an exhaustive title search is  performed and a title policy issued, sometimes a problem may surface  that can threatened your home. If you only have a lender’s policy, where the outstanding loan is covered, your equity is not protected. A separate Owner’s Policy would protect you—for as long as you or your heirs have an interest in the property.       With the recent refinance boom that has occurred over the last several years, some homeowners have questioned whether or not they need a new title policy when they refinance.  The answer is, you won’t need a new Owner’s Policy,  but a lender will require a new Loan Policy because a title search must  be performed covering the time since the last policy was issued. It  is interesting to note that, even after a title search has been  completed, a second search is done just before recording the deed to  make sure nothing has affected the title since the initial search, even  if it’s only been a few weeks.       Although somewhat remote, there is the  chance that unforeseen problems might exist such as a mechanic’s lien  from a contractor who claims he/she has not been paid, or a    judgment placed on your house for unpaid taxes. The lender will understandably want to make sure the title to the property they are financing is clear.       How title insurance rates are set varies  from state to state. Missouri Rates are set by the underwriters and are  registered with the Missouri Department of Insurance. When comparing  rates, be sure to get detailed information on what is included in that  rate, so you are comparing equally. Insurance rates do not including  closing costs and other fees  In some states, the seller actually pays for Owner’s coverage. Be  sure to ask about an Owner’s Policy at the time you obtain a Loan  Policy. Consumers are free to select their own title insurance company. Many  consumers rely on their real estate agent or lender for a  recommendation for a title company since they are not in a position to  know which companies provide good service. However, you are not required to use the title company they recommend.        Remember, title insurance protects you against the potential loss of your most valuable asset—your home.  

     The American Land Title Association  helps educate consumers about title insurance so that they can better  understand their choices and make informed decisions. Home buyers, regulators and legislators are encouraged to check out the website, www.homeclosing101.org, to learn more about title insurance and the closing process.        


Member Missouri Land Title Insurance, MAPTA, American Land Title Insurance    4th Generation Family Owned Business since 1887, Larry and Lisa Peterson    Only complete records in Camden County, Missouri   Underwriters: Agents National Title Insurance and Old Republic National Title Insurance .

Licensed to do business in the state of Missouri.

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